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An Update

A message from Founder and CEO Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Social Media and Outreach Director Imran Siddiquee Since we wrote this blog in 2011, our organization has evolved greatly, and reading it again now, we realize it’s not our most thoughtful communication. We want to thank the many women and men online who have challenged [...]

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Over the last few weeks, on Facebook and through our weekly action emails, we’ve spotlighted and discussed the increasingly gendered nature of Halloween costumes. In particular we’ve looked at how these stereotypes limit young children – pushing them into narrow gender ideals of “princess” and “super hero.” But we were also reminded that the problem of [...]

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#NotBuyingIt: NARS Cosmetics Glamorizes Violence Against Women

NARS Cosmetics is using the above image on a gift box called “Splendor in the Grass Blush Palette,” part of their “NARS x Guy Bourdin Gifting Collection” which will be sold in department stores this November. The name is likely a reference to the 1961 Elia Kazan film Splendor In the Grass (or the Wordsworth [...]


A recent graphic tweeted by members of the BC football team #BeADude. That’s the current mantra of the Boston College football team and a hashtag that trends locally on Twitter every weekend during their games. The slogan originated with and is promoted the school’s own coaches. This week, in the school’s student newspaper, writer Evan [...]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Why Don’t Women Directors Win Emmys?

Five women directors are nominated for Emmys this year A common explanation for the lack of women in a particular field, amongst haters, is that women just aren’t as skilled as men at certain things. If there’s inequality in comedy, it’s because women just aren’t funny. The lack of women in science and engineering is [...]

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How Women Changed Go Daddy

Last week, Go Daddy announced they would be attempting a new, less terrible strategy in their advertising. In an interview with the New York Times, new-ish CEO Blake Irving described their famously gross/sexist/misogynistic ads of the past as “on the edge of inappropriate.” A new ad, featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme (ahem), was released to exemplify [...]

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Media Literacy Conference at UMass Dartmouth

Check out this exciting media literacy event, featuring Dr. Caroline Heldman – who appears in Miss Representation – and representatives from Women’s Media Center, SPARK and more! Register for the event and learn more here.


15-Year-Old Doesn’t Like Body Shaming Facebook Ads

Over the weekend we received the above Facebook message from a concerned (super smart) teen which points out continued problems with Facebook advertising, and – more generally – how images of women in the media directly impact our youth. Nicole, who is 15-years-old, writes: “I have a problem with some of the advertising I see [...]

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Does Special K Really Care About Body Positivity?

Echoing Dove’s recent videos, Kellogg’s recently released the above commercial and accompanying campaign for their Special K brand, that aims to remind women they are “more than a number” (specifically, the size of their jeans). It features, like the Dove videos, dramatic music, emotional confessions and a potentially inspiring ending. Yet is it problematic that [...]



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