How Women Changed Go Daddy

Last week, Go Daddy announced they would be attempting a new, less terrible strategy in their advertising. In an interview with the New York Times, new-ish CEO Blake Irving described their famously gross/sexist/misogynistic ads of the past as “on the edge of inappropriate.”

A new ad, featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme (ahem), was released to exemplify the new-look Go Daddy. Whatever you think of the spot, it’s certainly a far cry from body painting naked women.

Most importantly, the Times interview with Irving shows a sensitivity to women as consumers which has previously been on the edge of nonexistent. Tellingly, Irving mentions pressure from DIY e-commerce website ETSY and their “contingent of women business owners” as a major reason for this shift.

What’s surprising – and disappointing – is that it took Go Daddy so long to notice (and respect) so many potential customers.

In 2011, Miss Representation began the #NotBuyingIt campaign with Girls for A Change, to harness the buying power of women to call-out sexist brands on Twitter. And from the beginning, Go Daddy was a primary target – a company already synonymous with the misrepresentation of women in the media. Though tens of thousands of these #NotBuyingIt tweets were sent to Go Daddy (including 8,000 during the 2013 Super Bowl alone), they seldom responded. And when they did, they just made it abundantly clear that they could care less.

But those at Go Daddy who were paying attention would have noticed the increase in #NotBuyingIt tweets in year two and three of the campaign (the hashtag reached 2 million more people in 2013 than in 2012). As social media advertising becomes increasingly important, brands can no longer ignore the fact that women and minorities are the primary users of these sites.

Go Daddy may have also noticed that more and more of these tweets included pledges to actually move domains away from the company. It wasn’t just “I plan on not buying this” anymore but became “I bought this in the past, but will no longer.” These were often women who either ran or worked at small businesses, where they had the authority to make these kinds of decisions.

So it wasn’t just the risk of poor PR which pushed Go Daddy to pay attention (or a newfound respect for humanity), but the (late) understanding that women as business owners are an increasingly powerful group – and one that needs websites.

According to CNBC:

There are more than 10 million businesses owned by women, employing more than 13 million people and generating $1.9 trillion in sales. Not only that, women-led businesses are one of the fastest growing types of the small businesses—a rare bright spot in today’s sluggish economy. The number of women-owned businesses increased nearly 60 percent since 1997.

If you scroll through Go Daddy’s YouTube history, amongst the terribleness that is their Super Bowl ads, you’ll find a couple of videos, posted earlier this year, aimed directly at these women.

A year ago, we were planning a Super Bowl campaign to fight sexist advertising, months in advance, centered on Go Daddy. That’s how clearly the brand was associated with sexism – we just knew they were going to exclude women. Contrast that with last week, when Go Daddy was on the Miss Representation Facebook page responding to people’s concerns.

So Irving and Go Daddy have realized that degrading women doesn’t sell to women (shocking), and that women are actually worth selling too (because they need the product), but the question remains: is it too little too late? Why should those women (and men) who left in droves ever come back?

One can only hope they’ve hired some women to help them with this transition. In any case, it’s going to be an uphill battle.

Imran is the Director of Social Media and Outreach at Follow him on Twitter @imransiddiquee


  1. Elaine says:

    I need to say that they are an excellent company as far as technology. B But as a woman and a GoDaddy reseller, I felt it my duty to take issue with the sexist advertising in every way I could. I focused my attention on former CEO Bob Parsons in several ways, flame wars, forums, feedback surveys. He made his money off bible software by the way, just an all around class A hypocrite. His had no apology, and his reign running the company was simply an outward expression of his mid-life crisis, and even though he still makes a lot of money off the company I’m so glad he’s gone.

  2. NotBuyingIt says:

    Sorry, Go Daddy. I boycotted you long ago and will continue to do so.

    My large personal portfolio of domains are registered and hosted elsewhere, and in my last position at a national brand company, I had the authority to relocate their 200+ domains and the hosting for all their franchise stores away from Go Daddy. You will never get a single dollar from any project I touch if I can help it, and I don’t care how “female friendly” you appear in the future. It’s tough to forget a public image as insulting as personally yours has been.

    • Mamma Dys says:

      AMEN!!! We need more people with your conviction and unwavering determination to change things.
      DO NOT go back to Go-Daddy…they are only changing their srategy and focus so they don’t lose money and market share. Our girls, tweens and teenagers need to know that womens bodies should not be used to sell technology, cars or anything. Stick to the benefits of your product and/or service for God sake!

  3. Much ado about nothing. It’s selective enforcement of the sexism rule. The same people who chastise GoDaddy may go see Magic Mike 5 times, drool over the Folgers coffee guy and not think twice about the TV stereotype of males/husbands/dads as bumbling buffoons. Plus, if you look at some of the tweeter’s photos her account, I suspect some may question her use of sex in the promotion of herself. If advertising works, in my opinion, it’s good advertising. GoDaddy would be about as popular as Network Solutions if they didn’t take risks and stand out in the crowd. I know people who work there, females, who say that it’s the best place they’ve ever worked and the environment is extremely respectful.

    • Catherine says:

      Then why did 2 million women choose to not buy it? Just because we have a long existing assumption that “sex sells” and that women want to look at naked women, doesn’t mean it is true. No one is saying you have to stop being attracted to women. They are saying that when women are 86% of the buying power, that maybe “effective marketing” would be wise to gear their campaigns towards encouraging women rather than shaming them.

      You may think it is “much ado about nothing” but obviously 2million women disagree. Truth is that the narrow definition we have about women is hurting a lot of people.

      As far as the stereotype of men, that is just as real as the limiting roles of of women. Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if men and women were not put in boxes? :)

    • Blakeney says:

      Not all of us are blind to the fact that objectifying people is wrong no matter who it’s aimed at. There are people of both genders that are tired of seeing others represented as stereotypes. Or as a collection body parts instead of whole human beings. GoDaddy will never see a dollar of my money. Neither will films like Magic Mike. There’s a difference between an attractive representation of a human being and outright sleaze. The line has not only been blurred but well and truly trampled over.

    • danah gaz says:

      You need a better hobby than trolling feminist websites, little boy.

      Run along now, and take that ridiculous fedora with you.

    • Janie says:

      Thanks, GoDaddy rep, with your fake concern. Because no thread about sexism would be complete without the one or two guys whining “WHAT ABOUT MEN!!!” and noting one or two examples of sexism against men (I know, Brandon, it’s totally an epidemic) they could scrape off the bottom of the barrel. Folgers coffee guy? You’re trolling, right? If not, thanks for being an example of the guys who just don’t get it.

    • Janie says:

      Also, Bradnon– as for the buffoons in TV? It’s mostly guys who are writing those roles. But never mind, life is so much easier when you can make women your scapegoat.

  4. Austin says:

    Since when has sex not been a main advertising source? They needed to find a balance but advertisment is advertisment, it’s to draw attention. Lol @ the magic mike comment above.

  5. Janet Crawford says:

    I am happy GoDaddy is finally changing their tune. For me, it’s too little too late. I was a customer of GoDaddy with numerous domains and a website. While a customer, I sent numerous respectful comments and messages to GoDaddy, expressing my dismay at not only their portrayal of women in TV ads, but also the representation of women in their online customer video. I received exactly zero responses.

    Finally, I had an absurd conversation with one company representative who informed me that “there’s no such thing as offensive subject material,” rather, “some things will appeal to some customers and not others” and they make their decisions purely on what will best sell their product. I asked him if torturing puppies appealed to some of their customers, but not others, would it be acceptable subject matter for an ad campaign? He replied that he supposed some people wouldn’t object to that as content, so it could be an effective campaign for the right product. I was so off put at this point (bear in mind this was after two years of highly respectful comments and no replies), I asked, “What if the content was killing Jews?” There was a long silence.

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Smashing purchasing procedures to solve Health the many weeks immediately following any inability of this authorities government鈥檚 Obamacare exchange online site, insurance plan wonks who are predisposed to install bigger intending to your fiasco as opposed to the straightforward mess of these the boss pointed towards the way tricky and additionally time-consuming authorities procurement is without a doubt.That鈥檚 how come, depending on this specific idea, the identical individuals that were being therefore interesting and effective with construction campaign web-sites not to mention installation digital camera donation along with get-out-the-vote advertisments couldn鈥檛 carry out similar when it located starting their own president鈥檚 highest-priority relating to motivation.Most certainly, when the government鈥檚 recommendations are so very stifling the fact that nothing at all may be possible leanly and instantly, aches and pains ? it all the president managed to employ a latest czar, Jeffrey Zients, carry on Monday, as well as have your man at work whereupon inside of 48 hours he’d in fact selected Good Software system Professional services, Incorporated. to be the final building contractors monitoring all of the problems?Exactly how could very well all that include occurred so quickly? Does the president particular sort of wonderful unexpected emergency guru? If that is so, exactly why couldn鈥檛 he or she have used the software to bolster the hassle to produce this website inside August and also Aug once, in regards to what is actually essentially everyone鈥檚 profile, this turned obvious in which playing in September 1 start night out while using the recent skill and additionally assets constantly in place was going to often be a condition?The way made Superior Software鈥檚 contract receive arranged with what need to have been 27 or perhaps 2 days? Will it be a new deal, or maybe an instant extendable of the current written contract to develop a lot of the website鈥檚 includes? How much would be the organization earning money, is undoubtedly precisely what foundation, using what income? Or perhaps is the documents definitely not talked about to date? As well as what around the rest of the (established un-named) people today precisely what the current administration phones an important 鈥渢ech surge鈥?squad, whorrrre evidently consuming actually leaves because of confidential community projects to aid solve web site? Safe ‘ server ? legal papers? How about Zients? Your money back to get Medicine and, Western insurance supporters, and A-Rod鈥檚 interesting fans Steven Brill July 24, The year 2013 14:46 UTC Alex Rodriguez | lobbying | Obamacare A single. Should we get the refund for your disappointment associated with Medical the past weekend that Wall structure Highway Mag won some portion in kind, getting your primary speak to utilizing Health insurance and Human being Professional services Assistant Kathleen Sebelius as the woman’s ill-fated presence relating to the On a daily basis Demonstrate to. The woman resolved any disappointment for her a website to as the enrollment niche for all the Thirty four expresses which were finding the united states government run its Obamacare insurance packages coach transfers, as a substitute for engaging in exchanges on their own.That Magazine quoted Sebelius since expressing 鈥渟he should the firm is accredited we are has been entitled to all discounts, after the jobs are done.鈥?By means of $400 million dollars previously being allocated to out in the open building contractors for your flattened web page, journalists might comply with of which insistently.Governing building contractors frequently get out of duty regarding cost overruns, lapsed schedules or maybe very collapse to develop a manufactured goods works by professing, appropriately and / or erroneously, which the instruction manuals the pair were supplied definitely going the work for failure, cant be found categorical an adequate amount of, as well as ended up being improved halfway via the do the job. If you are Health, all of the Declaration of employment instructing charge service provider, Computer Country wide, seemed to be 60 blog pages, single-spaced. Consequently deficiency of feature probably are not a great defense. However , were being this operating instructions improperly conceived and changed techniques prompted today’s fiasco? And are also components in charge of all of the letdown, which makes it not likely we individuals may get our own a refund? The best way Boehner could save his / her speakership, JPMorgan鈥檚 attorneys, and the Television programs business economics around the globe Sequence Steven Brill March About 15, The year 2013 13:05 UTC Steve Boehner | jp morgan | Universe Sequence 1. Ways Boehner conserve this speakership:The usual understanding is the fact Home Speaker Jesse Boehner has become too embarrassed to ignore all the Ted Cruz-inspired Place paid members which have was adamant for finalizing we are in addition to keeping the debt threshold hostage in the event that The president’s consents to obstruct and also defund Obamacare. The idea is always that Boehner anxieties the fact that the the vast majority of ardent Republicans in his caucus would start up them just take your ex boyfriend because public speaker. Function, there鈥檚 1 account I鈥檝e become delays for but haven鈥檛 experienced: Ful [url=]barbour jackets[/url]
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That a long time “May Day” remarkably popular climate, cheering in the excessive temps, mid-air health is virtually all home appliances within the gross sales charts. This morning, that reporters within the provincial budget associated with numerous equipment merchants, air-conditioned spot will be practically a location wherever the majority, the cost conflict continues to be that recommended methods to marketing in the type, but hard work markdowns over a competitive, that media reporter spotted, in a great many brands lips, “51 season period of time the buying price of that Exclusive arrange price” will be word of mouth that will shows up more reguarily. Amount, get products advertising consequence will be instant. This morning evening, that provincial budget QuanCheng the family air conditioning equipment gross sales workforce explained to reporters, typically Obtaining Information will be a pair of adjustments, nonetheless all 5 one hundred dollars plus 13 a short time get away from perform overtime each day, because information plus purchased several times a day extra consumers compared to normal, similar matter to express plenty of situations each day, lower hoarse. However the three-day vacation gross sales will not be remaining research, nevertheless the type internet marketers mentioned, in the spontaneous gross sales circumstances, that vacation is often a day time associated with gross sales several times a day above normal, “sell a lot better than 51 a year ago,, initially fifty-one will be cooling gross sales time of year, specifically within nowadays that temps will be consequently excessive, to go to the folks back are planning on obtaining the air conditioning equipment. “shopping department stores plus type air-conditioning installment perform is that busiest vacation men and women, a property equipment save within the provincial budget to perform cooling installment Li explained to reporters, in the period of time May perhaps 2115 each day by day right until 15 oclock to help majority, since numerous consumers examine desperately, his / her day time went 14 consumers, “with 06 busy workload mounted practically. “interview, numerous cooling brands have got stated Obtaining Information, within the cooling sector improvement within that slogan, inverter air conditioning equipment is the initial option for many people shoppers order. Additionally cooling, that merchants refrigerators, washing machine products, television sets and various products and solutions, have in addition trialled a wrist watch sector net profit costs, numerous brands will be for that 51 time of year kick off brand-new products and solutions, which include 3d images TELEVISION, CONTRIBUTED TELEVISION, Web TELEVISION propaganda assessment eye-catching, numerous brands have got trialled “straight lower the cost XX%, two bottle using that money, that order cost associated with Г— Г— Г— yuan to help deliver products plus other” additionally “51″ in the costs, special discounts, products worth mentioning terrific advertising routines, how many cellphone merchants furthermore presented the “May Day time Supply bullion order growing appliance” eye-catching routines. 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A short while ago, that media reporter frequented that provincial budget determined numerous shops, as soon as overdue 04 acquired previously began advertising routines within the May perhaps Day time vacation nowadays to achieve the marketing ejaculation. “Full 3 hundred yuan given 300″, “folded above 3 hundred yuan 120 yuan, ” “spring brand-new all 5 retract, retract with retract a lot of the products. “…… All these relatively unprecedented insane special discounts to help catch the attention of many people arrive at “join. ” Comes Plaza close to the provincial budget on the huge office save, had been thronged along with men and women looking. Besides checkout repleat in place, virtually all type ladies outfitting place will be overcrowded. “Which girl to attempt that attire, in this article you should! ” Within the shopping mall the type associated with ladies outfitting place prior to surfaces pertaining to practically 15 girl purchaser longing installation. “These a short time, from browsing that outfitting place lighting and thus have got some time. ” Outfitting place prior to becoming individuals waiting for installation Ng grudgingly explained to reporters. Initially, similar to lots of people, finding that summertime, Skip Wu choose to benefit from them to interact within routines about fifty-one get many summertime use, nonetheless you can also discover a very few parts will be developing a clearance associated with spring and coil, that appreciates anyone really wants to, plus just about every browsing the shopping mall have to buy that installation plus waste materials considerable time. Media reporter frequented determined, a couple of days back from the overdue spring and coil climate trialled solely 6 to help seven retract that spring and coil, nonetheless today on the clearance step, numerous merchants have got trialled the all 5 retract, or 3 retract indicators. Concurrently, had been slightly from the “cool” within summertime when popular a huge major. Nowadays, that spring and coil plus summertime celebration when May perhaps this coming year, gross sales associated with key shops within the provincial budget in the outstanding characteristics. Concurrently, so that they can then add high temperature to help fifty-one great deals, numerous major makes have got reduced cultural reputation, luring numerous consumers arrive at get. “This type is generally possibly not lower, nonetheless there seemed to be small action, ought to use that chance to goodness me! ” This morning, within the provincial budget Lok Yuen Road next to the retail center the type gear surfaces, Lee explained to to explode on the group attire reporters. Media reporter frequented figured out until this season 51 office save pay increases, besides includes clearly plenty of major gross sales has additionally happen to be further more superior. Despite the fact that numerous department stores certain intake information never have determined, nonetheless numerous workforce explained to reporters, when compared to a year ago, complete gross sales while in May perhaps you will see a couple of extra place pertaining to advancement. Residence merchants rivalling along with authentic funds sometime gross sales practically add up to a single week a huge client looking routines ought to research prices for that remodel of the massive investment will be provincial budget off residence merchants taking the walk prior to these people accept to spot the get, you can easlily point out the moment remodel shelling out Nearly all of folks that perform spent. Nevertheless the job interview, that media reporter spotted in the shopping mall while in May perhaps, kitchen appliances and various normal discord cheap merchants still conduct the same time frame, that a long time residence save furthermore keen to help become a member of that position in the marketing, that massive special discounts actually help you save shoppers lots of money, giving residence merchants evolved into fifty-one combat to help on the list of winners. May perhaps a single media reporter spotted plenty of residence merchants is the provincial budget beginning produces arches, having a merry vacation environment to help meet consumers, that doorway furthermore built a huge all-cheap advertising indicators. It’s perceived that will, as soon as by a single May perhaps within the eve in the provincial budget associated with key residence merchants that advertising have been everywhere you go, plus the routines will be typically completed pertaining to all 5 one hundred dollars plus 13 a short time vacation low cost advertising routines. Job interview, that media reporter spotted, residence merchants prior to May perhaps propaganda foreshadowing in fact trialled a substantial consequence, a lot less than 15 each day, residence save car parking great deal includes absolutely no clean car parking breathing space. Job interview, that media reporter spotted within the earlier marketing and advertising conflict “Fudge” elements than the residence save may be mentioned along with authentic funds rivalry. Ground makes available in the specific media reporter spotted, within the 176 yuan / rectangle tariff of your handmade jewelry, the good news is level of quality merchandise with all the amount fell to help 69 yuan / rectangle, and also the outstanding products and solutions will be nonetheless available from normal amount, a real computation to help 250 rectangle remodel requirements, by way of example, get exclusive ground, shoppers can certainly help you save a complete trillion. In line with the gross sales workforce, residence merchants while in May perhaps involve organisations in the specific portion of similar level of quality associated with products within the with little thought given when exclusive products and solutions, propagate simply from the merchants responsibility to help a real good deal to help catch the attention of numerous customers, a single day these people been given 6 requirements. In line with the determined place doorway Wang mentioned within mid-April, this individual got the pretty to somewhat of a real wood amalgamated doorway, ; however , the cost will be 1480 yuan without the credits, and after this that doorway to 999 yuan, the cost slide by simply practically buck 600, way too ideal. sixteen: 00 Variable media reporter spotted that kick off associated with low-priced constrained model residence save products within the drawers, and a lot of will be standing that “sold empty” indication, numerous gross sales employees will be hoarse words, numerous salesmen mentioned until this a short time gross sales will be drawing near per week. “The residence save within the provincial budget intake three or more. fifteen furthermore presented in the large-scale advertising routines, nevertheless the size, strength will be considerably a whole lot worse compared to cheap May perhaps gross sales. ” Job interview on the real estate arena workforce mentioned. Expo vacation right “star” tier the initial day time in the vacation, that provincial budget, Mister. Gao driven folks who gone having a lower batch. Media reporter figured out in the provincial budget vacation businesses, 51 in the vacation plus vacation round the borders in the provincial budget continues to be the initial option for that visiting arrest. “Because fifty-one solely 3 a short time away from, in a great many men and women look at, immediately after 3 a short time on the vacation, don’t like to decide on numerous long-term family vacation avenues, nonetheless just like a pair of a short time back in the entrance associated with sights go around about, on the final day time associated with majority in your own home, consequently besides rest your body is definately worn out. “road to somewhat of a provincial budget back garden extremely idea that vacation bureau workforce, that provincial budget in the tour” 51 “key vacation avenues and also journey 1-3 a short time short-term vacation. “Its including the lower heaps in the Reddish Area, ten podiums, Jinan Back garden Expo, Paomaling, drape Distance and various avenues, become more favorite. ” Microsoft. Zhang furthermore explained to reporters the state a lot of the citys day time vacation, 3 a short time different vacation avenues, can also be favorite Jinan beloved, “such when enjoyment day time vacation associated with Qingdao, Qingdao, Weihai, Penglai day time vacation, and so forth., enjoyment tier characteristics. ” Additionally conventional suburban vacation, vacation that state and various traces, considering that this year Globe Expo presented within Shanghai Globe Expo vacation that vacation evolved into the kick off movie star tier, favorite Jinan delightful. The air travel workforce Skip Yu mentioned the organization will certainly kick off similar products and solutions for that Globe Expo, “May a single in the earliest party, beginning within the swindled. ” Plus a result of Globe Expo, Shanghai vacation that adjoining spot has additionally happen to be pushed in place “A massive amount men and women believe that seeing that this individual attended Shanghai, it’s the best way usually pay a visit to all 5 places within Distance Cina, consequently all of us presented Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuzhen, Xitang, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang and various sights. ” road buy Fengeng Day time “cool overall economy “Crazy advertising routines besides within the key shops within 11 provincial budget taking place road suppliers furthermore single, getting benefits fifty-one presented many advertising routines, reveal the piece in the provincial budget associated with vacation gross sales. Media reporter frequented determined, in contrast to that key shops, road gear save vacation gross sales extra accommodating. “The brand-new advent, Occur and purchase them! Very few initial solitary denims occur, SKIP them! ” In early stages This, close to the provincial budget associated with Distance Batch Department running the gear save outdoors that solitary Schilling started out busily outdated consumers curly hair buy, that May perhaps occasion data. Possibly not the woman shock, a lot of the consumers been given texts stench “letter” by, specifically well prepared ourselves fifty-one how many brand-new products furthermore available practically similar. That quiet route close to the provincial budget running the gear save, Microsoft. Wang will be beginning within the thoughts “May Ying, buy products most exclusive price” poster holding while watching save, “These a short time happen to be voyager continually glance attire consumers extra, obviously save gross sales amplified a great deal. “Wang explained to reporters, the bad estimation, that May perhaps Day time vacation period of time, the gross sales within the save compared to normal uprise within around a half dozen p’cent. Concurrently, that media reporter frequented determined that will a lot of the provincial budget road buy mannequins will be succeeded by simply unique summertime, which in turn by some magnitude furthermore influenced men and women to decide on summertime drive. “The brain in the solar, running within the road, in the event you nonetheless the popular spring and coil hard unavoidably possibly be perspiring, exploring unique products prepared by that screen on the save desired to discover a single. ” This morning, Microsoft Chow in the arrest within the road in the compact Distance traditions buy scouring both the neat skirt, “store fifty-one take part in routines, presented that belt way too! think cost. ” popular climate “music” in the wintry save all 5 one hundred dollars plus 13 a short time compact vacation period of time, visiting, looking looking shelling out had been everywhere you go, and also the bustling provincial budget is often a exciting arena surging poll, thirty в„ѓ excessive temps but permit shoppers yelled abruptly ushered within the summertime an excessive amount of. That deal with associated with “hot” Attracted climate, “cold” because earliest wintry products have grown the “JiuJia” secret, subsequently, 3 a short time a smallish vacation, that wintry is the gross sales champ, undisputed May perhaps Day time success accounted for the spot. It’s perceived that will 51 period of time, that provincial budget have been the sun’s rays will be perfect, that temps will be maxed thirty в„ѓ, summertime climate that will evening besides permit shoppers helping put that provincial budget associated with neat summertime, but to help restore the some plus shoppers month-long wintry re-enter that focus associated with shoppers. 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  271. Ruby Moon says:

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  273. Angie says:

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  274. Van Damme is so popular today for his epic splits but what really amazes me was with his volvo truck commercial in youtube where he splits in the middle of 2 trucks.

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