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Have you recently seen a piece of media that you believe is inspiring to women and girls? An advertisement, television show, film, newspaper or magazine that you identified with and think accurately represents women in girls in all their diversity, experience, and perspective? Share this piece of media with the community and tell us why you find it inspiring!

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Sample Guidelines for Healthy Media is a proud member of the Healthy MEdia Commission. The Commission recently developed a comprehensive list of aspirational elements to consider when determining whether or not media’s representation of women and girls is healthy and realistic. We believe that all forms of media should strive to include these elements:

  • Healthy body images
  • Active and diverse female characters
  • Equal and healthy relationships
  • Increased number of roles for women and girls

Click here for more information on the elements of healthy media and girls.

Other Resources to Find Positive Media

A Mighty Girl – The world’s largest collection of books and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls.

Building a Library – Finding the right books for your kids

More media resources can be found here.


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